About Us
Mission Statement

All services provided by Artists Supporting Artists at The Writer's Room studio -recording video production with or without green screen, photography, music lessons, song writing seminars, music business seminars, drum circles, band camp, radio hosting, TV hosting, promotional advertising for commercial, non-commercial and personal use etc. are being offered at a reduced cost of $10 per hour.  Compare that with other studios that have the same professional equipment and experience!

Our mission is to bring opportunities for artistic expression to artists who might not otherwise be able to afford these services from other studios.

Schools, community theater and other events.

Mr Q - Audio Engineer and Video Production.
We opened our doors in February, but did not yet have a tracking system in place. However for March we were able to track the hours spent in the studio.
With clients/projects= 31.50 hours
Bands practicing= 20+ hours
Administrative hours - behind the scenes = more than we can count! 
Jr, Lead Engineer &
Marie Deforge, Project Manager, Event Coordinator
Meet Our Instructors
  1. Richie Bartolo
    Guitar, Piano and Drum lessons
  2. Dan Deforge
    Bass lessons
  3. Jr Garritt
    Song Writing, Recording, Consultant